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Hello! My name's Kate and I'm a life-long horse owner of the DIY variety.

The Halter Hangar is an idea that's been floating around my head for a few years, especially when handling soggy head collars & losing yet another hoof pick in the long grass ... So I decided to turn my idea into reality. And here it is. I hope you find it useful! 

If you'd like any extra information, please do contact me: kate@byhiggins.com

Or take a look at our FAQs page. 

© 2018 byHiggins Limited. 

Halter Hangars 




 Bracken & Beau


Helping to keep your head collars, halters and other equine essentials dry, clean & tangle-free at the field or yard.

Halter Hangars come in 3 sizes: the Mini, the Lite & the Original and all can be personalised and attached to fences, gates, partitions; in trailers or even on horse walkers! They offer a neat, versatile storage solution for all those bits & bobs which need to be kept to hand.

Tough & sturdy, each Halter Hangar is individually made of a single piece of rotationally moulded plastic, with no sharp edges or enticingly bite-offable bits!

They have been designed & field-tested with safety, practicality and function in mind by a life-long, mud-spattered horse owner. (And her horse, of course!) 

Made in Britain

Halter Hangar patent application no 1711367.1

     Halter Hangar Original

The Original is 85cms tall, 50cms wide and max 30cms front to back.


Two curved hangers are tucked up under the hood for head collars, ropes & halters and the tray is large enough to store a folded rain sheet (photo with 6ft rug), a couple of slices of hay or any other bits & pieces that need to be kept to hand.

The hood overhangs the tray by 5cm which keeps the head collars dry in all but the worst conditions and lightweight, rip-stop nylon covers are available for places where the rain is of the horizontal variety!


The Originals are also proving popular to hang in the front of trailers, where the cover  keeps bridles, studs kits and boots clean, hay-free and ready to go without having to rummage through the boot of your truck …

The holes in the back of the Hangar allow it to be attached to fences & gates with 60cm cable ties (4 included). They can also be bolted to walls  or we can supply drop-catch bolts which go through walls or partitions up to 3cm and fit through the holes in the back of the Hangars so they can be easily moved around.

Colours available to order

The Halter Hanger Lite is the newest in our range: half the width of the Original it’s 25cm wide, 75cm tall and the hood is 25cm front to back.

With deep sides tapering down from the hood,  the Lite has a single curved hanger & is perfect for when you want to leave your head collar out of the rain and not lose your fly spray, hoof oil or hoof picks in the grass.

It is supplied with 4 x 60cm cable ties and attaches to gates & fences in the same way as the Original,  with a range of fixing holes through the back. It can also be personalised with your horse or pony's name.

The Lite is compatible with the drop catch fasteners we supply, so you can easily move the unit from one location to another.
It's also proving useful for those with horse walkers!

A rip-stop waterproof cover is available, held in place by tough shock cord elastic, tailored over the hood and with extra room towards the bottom to accommodate bulkier items in the tray.

Available in 2 colours initially: Maroon or Wydale Blue but please do contact us for more options. 

Made in Britain 

Halter Hangar patent application no 1711367.1

Halter Hangar Lite


Halter Hangar Mini

The Mini is the neatest, cutest way to keep the worst of the weather away from your head collars and halters!

At 25cm wide and just 65cm tall, it's perfect for hanging on a fence or gate to keep the worst of the weather off your head collars & halters or for attaching to the wall outside your stable without taking up too much space on the yard.

It has the same broad sides as the Lite tapering down from the 25cm-deep hood and the same generous curved hanger.

They may be small, but they're made to the same high spec as the Originals and the Lites: individually made of a single piece of rotationally moulded, hand-finished polyethylene. 

They are currently available in 4 colours: Maroon, Navy, Purple and Wydale Blue.

Please contact us for other options and timescales.





Original: 85cm x 50cm x 30cm

Lite: 75cm x 25cm x 25cm

Mini: 65cm x 25cm x 25cm



Fitting instructions.
Download pdf