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Accentuate the positive

It's weeks like these when I simply can't imagine summer again ... those gorgeous days when the air is the same temperature as your skin (but in a good, non-frozen sort of way)! everything's green and mucking out is over for the season ...

(<-- hay crop being baled opposite byHiggins HQ in 2019)

We are fortunate in that we don't have any snow here - well, not more than a sprinkling falling from the sky occasionally and not enough to settle - but the words of 'In the Bleak Midwinter' always seem much more appropriate for days like these than they do at Christmas.

This morning as H and I set out up the forestry track for a leg-stretch, we got blasted by what my Dad would have called a 'lazy wind' - doesn't bother going around you but goes straight through instead and it gave me the first ice-cream headache I've had since ... well, the last time I guzzled too much ice cream too fast.

Tucking my nose down inside my jacket collar, I found myself wishing I could jump forward in time to somewhere around the middle of April ... and then I remembered that years are rushing by too fast anyway to wish them away like that! So. It may be February. It may be freezing but let's count up the good stuff about horses in the cold: No horse flies! No worries about laminitis/too much grass/muzzles.

No need to ride early before it gets too hot.

No guessing at 6.30am if it's going to be a commando day, a rain sheet day or a midges-are- hell day (and knowing you've probably got it wrong by midmorning)

Nothing beats a good trot out on a cold, crisp day

It's getting lighter with each passing morning

Poo picking's much easier when it's frozen in one lump

A huge bowl of porridge and syrup when you get home

and best of all ... The whole of the Spring and Summer are still to come ... 😀

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