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Batten down the hatches!

Here at byHiggins HQ, we're just starting to feel the first blasts of Storm Christoph. We're only just over a mile to the cliff edge of the Jurassic coast as the seagull flies and the wind comes barreling down into our little valley and smacks into the front of the cottage with all the enthusiasm of a cob coming in for tea on a winter's afternoon.

I'm supposed to have been filming some bits and pieces to camera today about how I came up with the idea for the first product (the Halter Hangar Original), but even with skylights in the kitchen and a ring light near my computer screen, it still looked like a low-budget Scandi Noir drama without the drama. Or the Scandi element.

Have to try another day! But I could always tell you about it here ... 🤔 Quite simply, after several decades of owning and looking after horses (mine and other people's), I'd just become fed up of wet, tangled, knackered head collars. You know what it's like - turn out horse, want to leave head collar near horse for safety ... no option except leave it on the fence or the gate or on the floor.

Bags fly away, plastic boxes last for a while then crack, black bins lose their lids and fill with water. So, I had a good Google and found ... nothing. Niets, nada, zilch, niente. Hmm. Now, I'd love to say I immediately got cracking and created drawings, mock-ups and brand mood-boards in the next fortnight but I'd be fibbing. It took oooh! 6 more years, maybe 7? before I finally got my butt into gear. Why so long? Well, I didn't know where to start, for one thing. And I knew it would take a fair bit of money to develop - good thing I didn't know HOW much at that stage - and most importantly (and the reason I think most people don't start things) is the nagging thought: 'what if I fail?' 😳 If you don't start, you CAN'T fail. Except of course, not starting is in itself a kind of failure. So, one day, in best Blue Peter tradition, I got some card board, scissors, sticky tape and an old coat hangar and made this:

Well, it was a start ...

And actually, in terms of size and shape, it's pretty similar to the eventual product; the Halter Hangar Original. I knew I wanted something that was sturdy enough to withstand up to a ton of itchy horse, wasn't fiddly to use, would do its job and above all, last.

Now I just had to find someone to help me turn that Blue Peter mock-up into reality. Oh - and make sure no one else had created anything similar and that's how I set foot on the very expensive road to applying for a patent ... Take care in the storm all x

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My name's Kate and I'm a life-long horse owner of the DIY variety.

The idea for the Halter Hangars and the Lick Safe are had been floating around my head for a few years before I took the plunge and stated to turn ideas into reality. I started with the Hangars, as I was thoroughly fed up with wet head collars and losing hoof-picks in the long grass by my field gate. And then when I saw how successful the hood-shape was at keeping out the rain, I developed the Lick Safe ... 

If you'd like any extra information, please do contact me: kate@byhiggins.com

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