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Finally got to February ...

Although I am delighted to see that February has finally arrived (I am convinced that January this year contained about 49 days rather than the more usual 31 😳) it is a month that always feels like Christmas is too far behind and Spring is a little too far ahead. Even the seaside looked grey today:

Solution? For me, it's planning the garden. Here at byHiggins HQ (aka 'home') there is much to do as really, the whole lot needs a mini-digger to create a series of terraces ... and a massive application of ruthlessness when it comes to sorting out what plants to keep and which are either too old, too large or quite simply in the wrong place and need to go.

In the absence of such a digger, it's down to good old fashioned spade work, so I spent a fair chunk of Sunday getting out patches of brambles by one of the fences which have tipped down - taking the opportunity to pull up the ivy which has been snaking 6ft long lengths out underneath the grass at the same time. Tricksy, sneaky pair of plants they are, my Precious … (Sorry. Came over all a bit Lord of the Rings there ... 😋)

But it really is too wet to do much at the moment. You end up exhausted with boots and spades weighing a ton and nothing to show for it. Although, back in the veg patch there IS something growing (other than weeds): I planted garlic, onions and shallots in November which have come through ok but this Spring I’m going to try not to plant too much of any one crop - everything germinated last year and I loathe throwing plants away, so ended up with a glut of several things. Must also discipline myself to sow in succession for things like peas, beans and salad leaves!

For inspiration, I find one of the nicest things at to do at the moment is watch past episodes of Gardener’s World - remembering that the light and the warmth and the colour always come do back in the end. Mind you, the snowdrops are all over the bank in the front garden and some daffodils are about to flower, so maybe we’re in for an early Spring ... 🤞

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