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Fresh air Friday

So January's nearly over - thank goodness! I have to confess it's a month I get through with somewhat gritted teeth at the best of times and this year, even more so. There are 3 extra positivity strategies I'm leaning on at the start of 2021:

1) I've left the fairy lights up (IMHO, you can never, NEVER have too many white fairy lights in your life) and Candlemas Schmandlemas, they're staying up as long as I need them. So there 😜

2) Every day I look at the wonderful website which is https://www.timeanddate.com - specifically at the sunrise and sunset times, so I can see just how many extra minutes daylight we are getting each day (an extra 1hr & 3 mins over the course of January) and the site also tells me that tomorrow is National Croissant Day. As if I needed the excuse, but nice to know anyway ... 3) Breathing. I know, I know but d'you ever feel that if you could just take a deep enough breath, it'll really help clear your head? I am very lucky that I'm so close to Lyme Regis and a walk along the Cobb is one of the best places I can think of to take in big lungfuls of salt-tanged air. But until the technology will allow me to record the feel and smell of the sea, I'll just leave this here as the next best thing ...

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