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Sunshine on a rainy day ...

Hopefully by now the world is beginning to look a bit more hopeful for many, as the end of lockdown approaches ... and for anyone with horses & livestock, getting to the end of February is always a major milestone! All those weeks of slog and mud and cold, when you're trying to fill haynets in the pitch-black by feel alone and wondering why on earth you didn't pick a nice, warm hobby - like knitting or stamp collecting ... which would also have been a darn' sight cheaper!

I mean, I would never consider buying myself a new pair of shoes for 80+ quid every 6 weeks, or get the vet/dentist/back specialist/masseur at the drop of a feed bucket if I was feeling slightly crock but there we are ... (grumble, grumble, whinge, moan) But THEN ... then the light comes back and the sun comes out ... and the hawthorns start to show their amazing, lime-green leaves ... and you're listening to the dawn chorus as you muck out ... and the pain of Winter melts away.

Henry and I have been out on some gorgeous hacks over the last week or so and as we stopped to admire the view and turn our faces towards the strange, big yellow disc in the sky, the raindrops on the branch-tips of a silver birch left by an earlier shower caught the light with a sparkle to rival any diamond in the world. And even after 50 years, I remembered exactly why it's the best hobby in the world.

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