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Hello! My name's Kate and I'm a life-long horse owner of the DIY variety.

The Halter Hangars and the Lick Safe are ideas that have been floating around my head for a few years. I started with the Hangars, as I was thoroughly fed up with wet head collars and losing hoof-picks in the long grass by my field gate. And then when I saw how successful the hood-shape was at keeping out the rain, I developed the Lick Safe.
I hope you find the byHiggins products useful! 

If you'd like any extra information, please do contact me: kate@byhiggins.com

© Copyright all rights reserved 2018 byHiggins Limited. 

If you want the versitility of the Original and the width of the Mini, the Halter Hangar Lite is for you! Just 25cm wide and 75cm tall, there's still room for a full sized head collar and a tray for fly-spray, hoof picks and other essentials.
The hood is 25cm deep and keeps things nicely protected but there is also the option of a tailored, ripstop waterproof cover for the very worst weather. 

Update 15th December: new stock just in, including navy. 
Colours available: navy, maroon, purple, Wydale blue

Halter Hangar Lite inc. 4 x cable ties