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As you are all aware, prices for everything have been rising steeply over the last couple of years but my prices haven't risen in line with the increase in manufacturing or P&P costs.

(Just to give you an idea, the new per unit manufacturing cost plus P&P now comes to more than I used to sell them for 😳)
Unfortunately, this is simply not sustainable, so when I next order more Halter Hangar Originals, I will have to put the price up to £95 but I will keep the P&P rate the same.

If you would like to reserve one of the new batch of 10, please drop me an email:

Our first Halter Hangar, the Original is popular with more than one horse, or for those who like to keep a fair few horsey bits and peices at the field. It easily takes a folded 6ft rain sheet, or a good wodge of hay or even a fencer battery. 

It's also proving very useful in the front of trailers where, when used with a cover, it ensures all your show bridles, boots, stud kit and brushes arrive clean, hay-free and ready to go without having to ferret through the back of your truck!

Customers also tell me they love having somewhere to stash travelling boots, head collars and tail wraps while they're in the arena or out on a hack. 

Halter Hangar Original™ inc. 4x cable ties

  • The Original is 85cm tall, 50cm wide and maximum of 30cm front to back.
    It weighs about 6kg and is made of a single piece of UV stable, rotationally-moulded polyethylene. 
    Included are 4 x 60cm heavy-duty cable ties.

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