Our newest product is the Lick Safe™. 

Designed to stop salt, mineral and supplement licks from disintegrating in the rain, it houses most types of lick, from the house-brick sized ones, through to the Himalayan salt licks and the 10kg blocks. 

The main tray also has a built-in recess for the smaller, house-brick sized licks, such as Rockies. Below THAT recess is a drainage 'sump', so that any rain or slobber doesn't pool under the licks.

Made of the same sturdy, rotationally moulded polyethylene as the Halter Hangars, simply use the cable ties provided to fix your Lick Safe to fences & gates at a comfortable height for your horse, pony or donkey ...  (or sheep, cattle, deer, llamas ...)


Lick Safe™

  • The Lick Safe is 51cm tall, 25cm wide and has a maximum depth of 25cm.
    The tray has a 7.5cm lip to prevent licks being hoicked out by naughty ponies, and measures 25cm wide by 20cm front to back. 


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My name's Kate and I'm a life-long horse owner of the DIY variety.

The idea for the Halter Hangars and the Lick Safe are had been floating around my head for a few years before I took the plunge and stated to turn ideas into reality. I started with the Hangars, as I was thoroughly fed up with wet head collars and losing hoof-picks in the long grass by my field gate. And then when I saw how successful the hood-shape was at keeping out the rain, I developed the Lick Safe ... 

If you'd like any extra information, please do contact me: kate@byhiggins.com

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